Saturday, July 15, 2006

Thoughts about 360 and Letterman!

Alrighty Anderfans, I know I wasn't the only one worried about AC during last night's show. I so gasped when I saw AC turn around so quickly, and the resorted to his vest (why he wasn't wearing it earlier than that point, I dont know) BUT with all that said and done, AC did point out that he will be broadcasting a special edition of 360 on Sunday night, as well as on Monday.

Well, we can all tell that Anderson really does enjoy being in the field, but this is completely different experience for us. Like Phebe said at All Things Anderson there is a huge difference in seeing "field Anderson" in NOLA and "field Anderson" surrounding by gun fire. All we can do is send our good vibes (whether its prayer or what not) Anderson's way. Be safe!!!

On a much lighter note, Anderson's interview with David Letterman was just too cute! Althought it was pre-taped we got to see the lighter side of Anderson, and some adorkable young Anderson footage. Thanks to legionpossesed out at Anderloads you are able to download the interview HERE. (new link)

Well Anderfolk, thats all for now, hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

All screencaps courtesy of legionpossessed out at Anderloads


Anonymous said...

I was soooo scared, I kept flipping channels cuz I couldn't bare it.

AndysGirl said...

Awww, I can't describe that first picture, he looks so sweet, but kinda sad, or is it scared or just serious? I just want to go and give him a big huggle.

I also think those vests should cover much more area than they do!

Master Evil said...

Dude, like seriously, I though it was gonna be a repeat of what happened last time.

Also, that Rapidshare thing doesn't work anymore, it's been used 43 times. Rapidshare sucks anyway, you have 30 people download and that's it the end.

Rita said...

I'll reupload it to mega for everyone