Monday, July 03, 2006


Well Anderfans looks like we wont be seeing Anderson until Wednesday! Well I hope he's enjoying this time off, he deserves it!!

Looks like Germany will take on Italy on July 4th. Portugal will be taking on France on July 5th. Since I really don't know much about the Italian and Portugal teams, I can't really choose a team for these matches. I've seen what Germany and France can do, but I haven't really seen the Italians play. I've heard of what they can do, but it's one thing to hear it and another to actually see them execute it.

High points for the Argentines
I really like what I read in this article.

Despite their untimely elimination, Argentina have every reason to be excited about the future. The vastly experienced Abbondanzieri and Roberto Ayala are more than willing to lead the new generation to South Africa 2010, one that contains exciting, established talents such as Javier Mascherano, Rodriguez, Javier Saviola, Carlos Tevez and Messi.

“I had the good fortune to lead a team of superb footballers who were committed to the cause and believed in what we were doing,” said Pekerman. “Argentina has every right to be optimistic about the future, though. We have a wonderful generation of players now and I have no doubt we will right up there in major competitions in the years to come.”

Despite tendering his resignation, Pekerman may yet be persuaded to continue. Should he do so, South Africa 2010 would provide him with the perfect opportunity to bring all that promise to glorious fruition.

Well that ends my rambling, btw keep checking back I'll be posting another Ander-experience story with a few pictures from my friend Rachel!!!

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