Thursday, July 06, 2006

For the record....

Ok, I'm writing this so I can clarify somethings, since some people have already commented about it. I know I said I really didn't like Odonkor because of his "sportsmanship" but I'm just gonna give him the benefit of the doubt due to the intensity of the match. When you have that much adrenaline, and momentum, sometimes its hard to hold back, and thats what I'm going to say about that.

I'm saying this because I still support Maxi Rodriguez, who at the end exchanged some words with the goalie (i believe i'm correct on that) that may or may not have started all the "excitement" at the end of the match. Honestly I dont think that started it, I think something after it did. BUT ANYWAYS! I'm just saying this so people dont think I'm being all hypocritical about who I support and why.

So, hmmm who to support now.....*ponders*

I think I'm gonna pic France (because their captian really impressed me in today's game. His conduct and athleticism was amazing) and Italy lol....Like I've said whoever wins, wins. Go them! I'm really torn between these two teams, so I'm not gonna choose a side lol

And I think I'm gonna pick Germany (because one of my good friends, Vera, is from Germany and I miss her!)


sfacfan said...

You're right, I actually like Odonkur (a real German name!!). I pick them over Portugal on Sat., but I think Italy will win the final. I'm not that into either team - Italy or France- but think Italy has the momentum going in. So glad you're a converted soccer fan!

sfacfan said...

I got this article from a friend, and it made me think of you! Soccer's new fans!!