Wednesday, July 26, 2006

OT Randomness

Here's a little insight into the way I operate during some situations. When something usually gets me down, I usually go out and buy shoes. I've recently cleaned out my shoe collection and gave them away, and with the events of the past couple of days, I really wanted to go buy some shoes! Well that didn't happen, I was just a little too busy yesterday to actually go out and look, AND I really didn't feel like driving!

So I did a little internet browsing and have found some pretty nice looking basketball shoes, that I just fancy! How about this too, I received a coupon in my email for 30% off too, coincidently from the site the shoes are on!! Hmmm I may just have to splurge...can I resist? Question is, which one do I choose?! Can't I just have them all?!

I like these because they would go great with my basketball uniform!

These just stand out to me and hey black goes with anything!

These on the other hand also go with anything, but have that silver touch to them, which I love!

Well there ya have it a very off topic random post. I don't think I've posted one of these in a while lol. Anywho, dont forget to catch 360 tonight, I'll be catchin the replay when I get home from work :) Enjoy the rest of your day!


sfacfan said...

I like the Anderblue ones!!!

Rita said...

Haha never even thought about it like that! Guess that makes my choice a little easier!! Gotta sport the Anderblue on the court! lol

xtina said...

I thought the same - gotta go Anderblue !!