Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Italians are World Champs!

Hey everyone!! Wow, so the WC Final was intense!! ITALY WON!! CONGRATS TO THE ITALIAN TEAM!!! Like I said earlier I wasn't really rooting for one team more than the other, but deep down inside I was pulling for Italy. Although I would have been happy with either team winning, I'm glad Italy took it!

1st Half
The first half was just simply amazing. Great defense, and offensive attacks from both France and Italy.

7th minute mark: Debatable foul called in the box allowing France to take the advantage of a penalty kick. Zinedine Zidane takes the penalty kick allowing France to take an early lead 1-0.

19th minute mark: Italy looking to tie it up early in the match. Marco Materazzi nails the header off the corner kick to tie the match up!

2nd Half
We were able to see the physicality of the match at this point. Italy uses all their subs during this half, which although one would think it would hinder their performance, the Italians fought on!

Italy did have the opportunity to take the lead, going up 2-1 but unfortunately an offside penalty was called.

Italy did score, but an offside penalty was called.

France uses up the rest of their subs.

Major kudos to the Italian goal keeper Gianluigi Buffon for a beatiful save, blocking the header from Zidane.

Zidane received a red card for his unnessesary foul, driving his head into the chest of Materazzi. Zidane had announced his retirement after this match, but why go out like that? Yes, both players were exchanging words, but watching the replay, the Italian player walked away, as did Zidane only to get in front of him to commit the foul.

Penalty Kick Shootout
The game came down to a penalty shootout ( aka a mind game). IMO this is just a horrible way to lose, all the pressure comes down to the goalies of each team.

Legend: X=goal O=miss
Italy:X X X X X
France:X O X X

Anywho, here are a few pics of the celebration and match up between Italy and France!

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