Saturday, July 29, 2006

How a little girl 1000s of miles away brightened up my day

Her name is Lenkoe Lebuseng, she is in the second grade and lives in Lesotho, South Africa. Her favorite subject is math. Lenkoe is a 'Hope Child' the term given to children living in a HIV/AIDS affected community.

She has touched my heart in ways that no other person has. I've been sponsoring precious Lenkoe since April of 2005 and I've enjoyed every single minute of it. It's such a joy to be able to know that somewhere, someone is gracious for your help, and when a child is happy and getting the help they need from it, it can't get any better.

I received my annual progress report from World Vision today in the mail which included a picture of Lenkoe, some of her writings, and progress of the regions developments and projects that were successful on part by the many sponsors that contribute to the region. I was so excited to see a recent picture of Lenkoe, she is just too cute. One project was the ability to provide food packages and supplements for orphans, vulnerable children and patients on home based care where there was need. In the past year 5000 trees were planted as a way of retaining soil erosion and to provide firewood for the communites in the Sekameng project area.

Reading the progress report just brought a smile to my face. I've been thinking lately that I would love to get in contact with World Vision and take a trip with them to help with the efforts in Lesotho as well as to meet the little girl who has blessed my heart in so many ways. Maybe after I graduate from college I'll be able to.

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Jennifer said...

@Rita, I'm glad you sponsor a child with World Vision. I am a photographer for an organization very similar to WV and it is amazing to watch how little it takes to change not only one child's life, but their families life as well. Kudos to you for sharing!