Saturday, July 01, 2006


Hey everyone!! Well this will be short and sweet since I'm going out of town in a few mins, BUT OMG I can't believe my second last minute pick Brazil lost. Well I guess all I can say now, is good luck to all the remaining teams.

So did anyone catch the show last night? Did Anderson make an appearance?

Anywho, everyone have a GREAT SATURDAY (well what's rest of it)

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reese said...

yup brazil lost and i'm still shocked..guess what? i'm not even a brazil supporter but in all of my life i've never ever seen a world cup where brazil did not make it to the finals so yeh..i'm they went down to france? i can just imagine how that stung...but in all honesty brazil did not play that well from the get go but still to go down to france? geez....what a memory for the soon to be retired zidane.