Friday, July 28, 2006


Friday's Show: A powerful army and a determined foe. Anderson is live from the war zone as Mideast fighting intensifies. Tune in Friday at 10 p.m. ET.

Whoohooo!!! TGIF!!! Hope everyone has an ANDERIFFIC Weekend!! Since it's the weekend, I thought I'd share a new Anderson image. I tried it on my computer and it looked really decent stretched as a wallpaper image!

Click to view full image

Anyone have any plans for the weekend? Nothing here, I get to work tonight, but dont have to close, may go out of town on Saturday with my mom maybe do some shopping, and have to close on Sunday but that's about it!

I'll be posting some hilarious lip singing vids later on (not of me though, sorry to disappoint everyone haha). Take care, and enjoy your weekend!


shelse said...

I have a party at a friend's house tomorrow, but going over tonight cause I love her and she's awesome ^^

Anywho, awesome Anderpic :P I have two wallpapers I made specifically as wallpapers. Maybe I'll post them in my blog when I get home.

sfacfan said...

;-( just saw a promo for 360 tonight and it looks like they are showing the CNN Presents about Hezbollah tonight.

Rachel said...

Good maybe they left the ME.

Rita said...

finally Anderson realizes that he's human and not an Ander-bot! haha thats a new one Anderbot 360 the lastest in anywho.... haha

Rita said...

shelse, i'd love to see your wallpapers!