Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Can today get any worse?

Well Anderfolk, today started out ok, slept in since I was up until almost 5 AM, went to meet my mom at her friends for lunch, met the most friendly little dog ever, and met the new addition to my mom's friends family.

Well then, both my mom and I pull up to our house and she decides to park in the street, I try to tell her to pull up more so I could park behind her but she doesn't move. My dad was on his break from work and was in the driveway, so I pull into the driveway and decided to back out to park in front of my mom.

Well the neighbor across the street decides to back out at the same time I was, and honsetly both of us weren't looking and BAM. I was going slower than he was but he had a white car, and mine is red, so you could tell where I hit him. He didn't do much to my car, but he has a small dent on his car.

Well neither of us got a ticket so that makes me feel a little better, but gaah, I kinda feel stupid. I don't know why I started crying its not like I totalled my car, or got hurt or anything, I guess it was just a reaction, flight or fight response of my nervous system I suppose.

I do have to take my sister to basketball practice tonight, and I hate to think this way, but with my day so far, what's next? Well, I'm not going to speak that on the rest of my day. The rest of my day is going to be AWESOME! I just have to keep telling myself that!


Rachel said...

Oh Rita, I am sorry. I hope your day got better.

Rita said...

Thanks Rachel, it did get better :)

AndysGirl said...

Glad to hear your day got better. Don't ya just hate fender benders? Me too!

Look on the bright side, at least no one was hurt and your car is still driveable. (Is that a word?)

Rita said...

Andysgirl: Idk if its a word or not, but it works lol, and yes I couldn't agree with ya more!

sfacfan said...

Hey Rita, I hope things got better for you? Don't worry, I cry all the time - for the dumbest little car incidents...and I'm a lot older!!LOL Once, I started crying because some guy was blocking my driveway and I couldn't get out to go to work...and he made me late. STUPID, why was I crying!

Rita said...

SFACFAN: thanks, things did get better :)