Wednesday, July 05, 2006

"Odd Girl Out"

Odd Girl Out

Some think of their early school years as their "glory days," but for many teen girls it's a time of psychological warfare filled with backstabbing, jealousy and phoniness - and that's among your closest friends. Welcome to the world of Vanessa, a well-liked girl who suddenly finds herself in the popular crowd's line of fire.

Vanessa has always been best buds with queen bee Stacey. But when a petty tiff escalates between the two, Stacey and her posse viciously turn on Vanessa. Barbara, Vanessa's mom, struggles to help her daughter evolve from outcast to survivor.

Based on the national best-seller "Odd Girl Out," this film is a shocking look at the behavior of adolescent girls. Mothers and daughters should watch it together!

As I watch this movie, I just can't believe how manipulative, and awful some teenagers can be. Growing up I never had to experience what some kids do. It's just so hard to imagine how cruel teenagers can be. Some of you maybe saying, it's just a movie; but let reality soak in.

Think back to you're junior high, and high school years. Do you remember that kid that was always made fun of? Do you remember the kid that was always put down because of his or her clothing, or his or her grades. Do you remember that kid that was called a "geek" for being smart? or a slut for getting the guy that the "popular" girl wanted? Let's face it people, this kind of stuff really does happen.

Can you still see that one person sitting alone in the cafe that everyone talked about behind their back, and sometimes to their face? If you were that kid, I'm sorry you had to experience that. If you've never been in that situation, put yourselves in their place. How would you feel? Heck, that isn't even enough, because you would have never gone through what they did. I can't sit here and pretend that I can partially imagine what kids like Vanessa have gone through.

So, if you're going through you're teenage years, try putting yourself in the place of those that are made fun of. It may change you're outlook on school life.

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