Tuesday, July 04, 2006

World Cup Update

The Germans were defeated by Italy 2-0 in OT. I honestly thought it would go down to penalty kicks, but whowee Italy scored 2 quick goals with about a minute left in OT. I honestly thought Germany would take this match too.....hmmmm now on to France v Portugal tomorrow....who to root for.... *ponders*


Anonymous said...

i'm gunning for portugal.the only player i like on the french team is zidane--very masterful.

however i love figo and c.ronaldo is such a showoff when it comes to doing tricks with the ball that you can't help but be in awe.

i thought you liked messi? hmm..oh well argentina will do better next time,there team is still growing.

Rita said...

I do like Messi, but I liked Rodriguez first, and that goal against Mexico sealed the deal!

Portugal has had so many good looks at the goal today, and I'm rootin for them. It's gonna take a great desperation goal at this moment, which is still possible!!

And yes Argentina will do better next time, they have such young talent, and some amazing leaders that will be returning!!