Tuesday, July 18, 2006


A new blog dedicated to Anderson has been born!! My friend Rachel, who brought us 3 ander-meetings and pictures, has gotten her blog up and running!!

Please check out the ACooperVision blog HERE!!! Also, there will be a permanent link to the ACooperVision blog for you all to easily access it in the future from here.

Tuesday's show:

Anderson Cooper is live on the front lines of the Mideast crisis as stranded Americans evacuate from Lebanon. Tune in Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET .

I think it's only fair that since Anderson is in the Middle East getting his epinephrine (adrenaline for those of you who many not know, I got used to referring to it as epinephrine in A&P and it just stuck) levels out of wack, that I post another beautimous picture for all of you to enjoy!! Well, hope you all have a great Tuesday, and don't forget to check out Rachel's blog!!!

1 comment:

Master Evil said...

Ah, da pikshure, das nise, jus...jus nise :B

And yeah, it is amazing what Rachel is doing wit dat blawg, I mean, unbaleaveibul.