Saturday, July 29, 2006

As Promised...

Well looks like Anderson had the night off (not that I'm complaining, because he needed it!) Ander-bot 360 the newest in broadcasting...get yours now! Haha..yeah just not happening!! So Anderson, hope you got the rest you NEEDED!!

Anywho, I said I was going to post these hilarious lip singing vids, so have at it Anderfolk!!
Barbie Girl:

Wanna Be:

Tearin' Up My Heart:


Anonymous said...

I think Anderson Cooper is on
some sort of secret assignment.
I wonder how long it will be
before well all find out.He seems
to still be in the Middle East.
Could it be an interview with Condi?

Rita said...

Hmmm the 360 website already has Monday's show listed...

Missiles raining down, troops digging in, voices calling for jihad. 360 is live from the fast and furious war zone. Tune in Monday at 10 p.m. ET