Friday, July 21, 2006

Trying to convince parental #1: Mom

So after hearing about Anderson Cooper being scheduled to deliver a lecture at SMU, I started doing my research to impress the parentals lol. So I'm looking at flights and hotels and all that good stuff and get my figures all written down, etc and make my way to my mom's room. I figured trying to convince my mom (who's always picking on me during 360, but I know she enjoyes watching Mr. Cooper herself!!) would be the easiest task, and the one who would actually consider it.

Walking in I say "Mommie..." *flashes big smile* She returns with "what do you want?" lol I sit down on her bed and say "How about you and I take a mini mother-daughter vacation in November, maybe around the 14th and 15th? We could go to Dallas, maybe attend a lecture at SMU visit your family, all that good stuff." She turns around from the computer and asks "who's going to be speaking?" I say, "oh just that news guy Anderson Cooper" (while inside I was really jumping up and down saying ANDERSON COOPER!!!!)

She replied, "Really?!" I was then like, well you dont have to go to the lecture you could just drop me off, quickly she responded "I wanna go too!" (CAN YOU SAY SCORE!!!!) I mean I knew she would be the parent more likely to say yes, but never did I think it would have been THAT easy!!!

So she asked me all these questions about when it was, how much a flight would cost, which I already had with me!

I'm so excited, its not a done deal yet, but it's definately way closer than I had imagined. I never thought she would just say "it could happen, lets look into it more later" WOW!!!!!

So yeah, I think I'm going to ask off at work for these days, even if I don't get to make it, I mean 4 months in advanced should make my boss' life a little bit easier don't ya think? Anywho, just thought I'd get that rant out!!!


Rachel said...

Rita let me know if you go. I too an concerding going to this as well. LOL!!! I am crazy and my friend that went with me to NOLA will be joining me. I just need to break the news to the hubby. He is going to divorce me for sure now!!! LOL!!!! Well I will let you know for sure.

Rachel said...

BTW, congrats on convincing the mom!!! Wish me luck with my hubby!!!! I may have to make a really nice dinner the day I "break the news"!!!!!

shelse said...

Ahhhh you're so lucky >.> Living in Canada is bad for one reason: running into Andy is particularly difficult, LOL!

Katnap105 said...

Way to go Rita! Sounds like you've got a pretty cool Mom.

Rita said...

haha yeah it was amazing!!! before i left for work she said something like "we need to plan out little trip" and my dad was like WHAT?! where! lol He kinda just rolled his eyes when I mentioned Anderson Cooper

Grace said...

@shelse don't feel bad I live in MI just outside of Detroit and the only time Anderson ever comes here is on assignment from Ms Winfrey and then it's to show us in a bad light, with no follow up report.

What part of Canada are you frrom?