Friday, June 30, 2006

The "better" team won

Well, it came down to penality kicks, and Germany took it. Argentina played great. Watching this game I did noticed some German player had a very bad attitude, and that does it for me.

I don't mind when my team loses, but when the winning team show's unsportmanlike conduct in any manner, it just pisses me off. Germany fought very well, but that's why I'm saying the better team won. I honestly think if the Argentine goalie wouldn't have gone down due to a blow to the ribs, allowing Messi to be substitued in that Argentina could've have pulled this off in OT, due to fresh legs.

But now onto the refs, they did a great job. A few calls were fishy, but overall it was great!! Now if soccer refs can see all of that on that size field the NBA refs have NO EXCUSE for not calling calls! lol

Well to all of you out there supporting Germany, good luck. I have no favorites anymore. Don't know who I think will take it. Good luck to all the remaining team as well.

Although this is a disappointing result, there is plenty of reasons to be proud for this Argentine team! I'm now a soccer fan, and will continue to support Argentina in the future!!

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reese said...

hey hey!!

the argentines!!

i still cant believe they lost....god..