Friday, June 30, 2006

Argentina v. Germany

Hey everyone! For a "non-soccer" fan I sure did wake up "early" to watch the Argentina/Germany match. To all of you true soccer fans that actually had to wake up early, major props to you!!! The match started 10 a.m my time, which I admit isn't early, but seeing as how I was up until 2ish (don't ask me why, I just couldn't fall asleep)

Anywho, we're at the 30th minute mark and the match remains scoreless. It's been a very physical match today, but the refs have done an amazing job. Both teams have had some great looks at the goal, but haven't been able to capitalize and get it done. Size wise, Germany has the upper hand, but Argentina has equaled it out with their speed.

This game is going to come down to either an amazing shot, or a huge mistake. May the better team come out on top.

Roberto ABBONDANZIERI, starting goalkeeper, goes out in the 2nd half with an injury.

At the end of OT, it is still tied 1-1. Penality kicks will decide who advances. I really think its going to come down to who wants it more. Its all about heart!


sfacfan said...

Good game, now you have to cheer for Germany!!

Rita said...

sfacfan: lol, I would but one of the player's ruined it for me. I just didn't like the way he played-attitude wise. So now, I have no preference. lol

reese said...

this was a hard game for me to watch...i love the argentines (their my #2) team that i support and i like the germans..i was torn.

i was tearing up when maxi was bawling his eyes out and then i was smiling at the germans celebration!