Sunday, June 11, 2006

Jennie's Ander-Experience

Howdy everyone! I have the great opportunity to share this first hand account of my friend Jennies ander-encounter!! Jennie is a member of Andernation on Myspace, and got some great pictures as well!

I went to the NYC signing, and we got there about 3pm, so we had great seats and we just sat around and talked until the event started, but there were people waiting there even before us, and it filled up pretty fast.

There was a section of V.I.P. seats reserved at the front, and just before 7pm, Gloria Vanderbilt came in. Apparently, this was a surprise to AC, because he commented that he hadn't expected to see her.

He talked for a while about the book, and he mentioned how appreciative he was that all of us would come out and spend our time waiting around. Gloria left right after he was done speaking, and they got down to business pretty fast with the signing.

They had made an announcement earlier that he wasn't feeling well, and that's why they had to abbreviate the program. He signed up to two items for each person (only the book or audio book, no magazines, etc.) and you could take pix of him while he was speaking (no flash), but you couldn't get him to pose for you or with you on stage during the signing, since he was trying to get to as many people as possible.

He was amazingly polite to everyone, shaking many people's hands...and if you wanted your book personalized, he did that, too. That was nice, because after he signed my book he looked me straight in the eyes, shook my hand, and said "Thanks for coming, Jennie!" That was a little surreal.

I don't know how it's possible, but he's even hotter in person...and Gloria is even more stunning. As always, he seemed a little embarrassed by all the attention, but he was so nice to everyone, and he seemed to really appreciate all the support.

Once again, a HUGE thank you to Jennie for sharing this great moment!

EDIT: Click HERE to view the rest of Jennie's awesome pictures!!


sfacfan said...

Hey Rita - finally got my blog going, it still needs a lot of work but if you want to check it out...

Any comments appreciated!

Rita said...

Sfacfan: I checked out your blog, and I really enjoyed reading it. I would comment but you have to add me as a friend; I added you to my lj!

Quitty said...

Jennie took some great pics! Very expressive. That second pic is awesome!

sfacfan said...

Cool, will add you now! Thanks

Anonymous said...

great pics!

i am still staring at them!
its hypnotic.

ME Ellee said...

Thanks Jenny and Rita for these amazing pictures and your Anderaccount of the NY book signing. Thanks for sharing with us