Tuesday, June 06, 2006

blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

This is how I feel today! BLAH!! No worries, it's not a bad blah, just a I dont feel like doing anything blah! Since it's a blah day, I'm gonna leave everyone some nice pictures of Anderson!! So enjoy!!

So seeing as how thats my attitude, I'm just gonna sit here and re-watch Season One of House, M.D...while the washing machine takes care of the laundry lol

Anyways, I hope everyone is having a great day, and to all of you making it to the book signing....gaah YOU LUCKY DUCKS!!!! Have a great time, and make sure you come back and spill all the details!!!!!


sfacfan said...

Hope your blah day is going better than mine...one disaster after another :-)

Rita said...

SfacFan: I wish I could say it was, but I'm right there with ya, it just keeps getting worse. So here's to us!

sfacfan said...

:-) **pops open some champagne* Maybe tomorrow will be better!

PS got my I Heart 360 shirt in the mail...and it's an extra small! Just added to my bad day!

AndysGirl said...

As Phoebe says in Charmed "Oh, my god!", that first picture, it looks like he's sitting up in bed and talking to ..... I think I'm going to faint. Where did you get that pic, it is gorgeous!!

Sorry you had a blah day; it seems there are more blah days than good ones. We need Anderson to come and visit us.!

Rita said...

well you know Andysgirl I did say that I wasn't going to post a picture from the other night...but...yeah..I couldn't resist lol.....ok back to reality, its from the the people's magazine photo shoot he did.