Saturday, June 24, 2006

My FIRST ever World Cup Entry!

Ok, so I'm not really a soccer fan, but since the NBA season is over, I have nothing to watch. Well I was flippin through the channels the other day and caught Argentina playing against the Netherlands. It was a pretty decent game I suppose, nothing like their game against Serbia & Montenegro. Anywho, with the US out of the tourney, I had to choose a team, so I'm choosing Argentina. Why you ask? Well Manu Ginobili my all time favorite basketball player is from Argentina and I like their colors.

But with all that out of the way, I see so much talent on the Argentine team. They have some pretty young players too. For example Messi only turned 19 (I believe today actually) and is one of the youngest players to ever score a goal in a World Cup!

So Argentina is in over time with Mexico as I'm typing all this. They are leading 2-1 at the 16th minute mark of OT.

ARGENTINA WINS!!!! 2-1 Now Argentina will face Germany. Maxi Rodriguez was the player of the game, duh! He had the most beautimous game winning goal!! DANG!!



sfacfan said...

So glad you're picking Argentina! I just got back from a World Cup party at the Rodriguez's house - of course they are Argentina fans!! (no relation, but they claim Rodriguez as one of their own :-)

I'm torn for the next game, my family lives in and are from Germany, but I love Argentina too!

Rita said...

SFACFAN: Hmmm i'm a rodriguez, so I'm claiming Maxi as well! He's a tremendous player, by far! Very talented and very passionate about the game, I love that in an athlete!!!

My friend lives in Germany, I met her when she was a foreign exchange student here, so it's kinda hard to be rootin' against Germany too, but I chose a team, and I'm gonna stick with them!

Anonymous said...

hey its lionel!!!!!!!
glad your backing messi and maxi!
personally i favour aimar and ayala but nice to see you support ARGENTINA!


sfacfan said...

Love Maxi - but also love the guy the call "the Flea" because he's so little!!! (La Pulga!!)

Rita said...

Reese: In time I'll actually know the team memebers by name lol, Ayala is great too. I dont remember much about Aimar, but from what I do remember I like him too!

Sfacfan: La Pulga haha he is tiny, but great player too!