Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Anderson posted a new entry on the 360 Blog!

Where should "360°" go next?

So we are back on the road. Tonight and tomorrow night, we will broadcast from Los Angeles. Then we'll take the show to San Francisco and Seattle for broadcasts on Thursday and Friday.

There's a lot of news to cover tonight -- President Bush visiting Iraq, Karl Rove breathing a bit easier, Tropical Storm Alberto moving through Florida. We also have a number of interesting stories out of California, including the debate over a national park that one Republican Congressman wants to use as a hunting ground for disabled vets.

We are planning some other trips for "360°" this summer and have been discussing a handful of possible destinations. I'd be interested in hearing any suggestions from you about places you think we should go. Any ideas?

On another note, I really appreciate all the e-mails and letters I've received from those of you who've read my book. I've done a number of book signings across the country in recent days and the response has been really amazing. Last week, the book went to number one on The New York Times bestseller list, which was remarkable, and I just wanted to say thank you.

There are some very interesting comments that have been posted, and well since I'm not in a serious mood right now, I decided to send in a comment, we'll just have to wait and see if it get's posted lol. I'm interested in knowing where YOU would like Anderson and the 360 crew to travel; here is what I posted (again in my not so serious mood) Do you like cows?! You could always come to Plainview, TX and check out our great fiberglass cows, boy I tell ya when I returned home from Russia I was never THAT happy to see those cows!

So yeah, that should really show my non serious mood today lol. Life's too short to be taken seriously day after day, so to all of you out there not in a serious mood(and to all of those that are in a serious mood) hope you all have a great day!


the book faerie said...

congrats!!! you made the comments page!!

Rita said...

wow that was fast!!! lol

the book faerie said...

wondering if they'll post mine...

AndysGirl said...

Congratulations Rita, you're a lucky girl. I almost never get posted when it's an Anderson blog, except for one time.

I didn't write today though. I still want to comment on his book but when I listened to the CD I cried my eyes out. I have to figure how to word it so it doesn't sound like a complaint, becasuse it isn't. Anything he writes or says pertaining to Katrina always gets to me.

Well, time to stop yammering. Have a great night and day tomorrow.

CJ said...

AG just write from your heart. I know if I try to compose something way ahead of sending it to him it sounds too strange. So just write down your feelings, put it away then look at it a few days later and edit if you must - it usually works for me. Then again I edit while I type.

I'm sure Andy will love anything we write about the book.