Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Why does Texas have to be soo big....

Ok you're probably thinking 'what the heck?! That's pretty random Rita'
If you aren't you are now after reading that. Well let me tell ya how this question came about.

It all started a couple of months ago when I found out Anderson Cooper was doing a book tour, and I had asked my parents if I could go since I had the money for a round-trip ticket and hotel room that was like a block away from the B&N he would be at. Obviously, since you're reading this blog, they said NO. So yes I was devastated...just devastated I tell ya!

So to all you lucky duck NY people out there that made it to the signing, I am extremely jealous!! I think I would have freaked being that close to that beautiful man! lol

Ok, so you're probably saying to yourself 'gaah Rita get to the point, how does your subject fit this blog entry!' So here's the answer, I can't only HOPE that Anderson would come to Texas, because I have to HOPE that he comes remotely close to where I am as well!! Sure he could go to Dallas, or San Antonio, but lets face it approx 7 hours is quite a distance!! No doubt, if I could find some people to join me I would so ask off for work and plan a road trip!!!! So my friends if I message you saying request these days off from work, please do so to make me happy!! ;) So folks, there's the reason for my subject line!

Anywho, I'm done ranting now, have a great Wednesday!!! Oh yeah, I hope you enjoyed the picture!!


CJ said...

Rita I feel your pain. I am only an hour 7minutes from NYC by plane and an hour from Chicago, but did not and will not make the trip. Here in MI our cities are so much close 20 minutes from Detroit, but Anderson will not come here - too bad there are so many good people here as there are in TX who would just love to catch a glimpse of those blue eyes and dimples.

Guess I'll just have to be a satisfied with my signed copy of Dispatches - it pays to know people.
Hope today is better for you I'm back at the headquarters stuffing envelopes & answering phones - at least I was hired to answer phones. Today MI tomorrow CNN.

Anonymous said...

I must be crazy. I am flying to Houston, Tx to meet a friend and then will drive from H-town to NOLA (6 hours I hear) for the book signings. It is like a mini vaca for the both of us. Staying on Bourbon St, will drink many many hurricans I am sure. I have no life. :o(

Rita said...

Anonymous: No your not crazy, I would do it if I could!!!

sfacfan said...

My mean friends in NY played a joke on me. Since I can't get to a signing, they got a hold of a book Anderson signed yesterday and they traced his signature into a new copy of the book they bought for me. They FedExed it to me and this morning, I was so happy - then I figured it out!

Rita said...

awww thats not nice!!!!


sfacfan said...

I know :-( I could sell it on ebay!!