Friday, June 23, 2006

OT-Sanjay Gupta

Thanks to [info]bcfraggle for scanning the pictures found below!!!

Click here to download the 4th scan to be able to read the article

Awww, how cute is this?! Dr. Gupta's wedding was remarkably beautiful, and romantic!! Don't you single ladies out there wish there were more Dr. Gupta's around?! Well I wish him and his family the best in the coming years!

EDIT: These were from a while back I believe; if I remember correctly she said she found them recently. I'm not sure how long Dr. Gupta and his wife have been married, but these were not taken recently if I'm correct.


reese said...

nice pics.
i thought he was married for some reason..oh well thanks for clearing that up! lol

Rita said...

Reese: You have the right idea, I believe bcfraggle found these in an old mag collection.

AndysGirl said...

I think they mentioned it on CNN, not sure if it was 360 or something else, but anyway they mentioned it when they announced that he and his wife had a baby. Don't remember if it was boy or girl but probably still under a year of age.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Gupta and Rebecca Olson got married in May 2004. They have a baby girl named Sage who is just over a year.