Friday, August 11, 2006

Whoohoo Friday!

Hey Anderfolk, I'm blogging before I head off to work, so not really much to say, I'll def. blog when I get home though. Anywho, I have to work all weekend, so for any of you who work during the week and have the weekends off, hope you enjoy it!!

I got to watch 360 last night (and not the repeat!!) and oh my gooshness it was just full of beautiful accents! LOL, I thought sheesh I'm gonna be the puddle formerly known as Rita by the end of tonight!!


i_heart_anderson_cooper said...

You've gotta love the Brits! I was in heaven last night! I only skipped the John Roberts report!

Van said...

What is better than London?
Anderson IN London!
Have a good weekend!

phebe said...

OOOO, I haven't been here in a while (bad Andernation fan) and I luv the new look. So sexy.