Thursday, August 31, 2006

Finally, time to blog!

Wow, it seems like forever since I've been able to just sit here and type away! I'm watching the 360 repeat, and I'm just tired of the polygamy story. From a psychological point of view I find it interesting, but that's not really being focused on.

Although, I was very excited when Erica showed up for the 360 Bulletin!! Loved the interaction between Erica and Anderson after "The Shot", I'm so happy to have studio Andy back! Although I love his field coverage as well!

But anyways! Just when I think I want to quit my job, my boss changes my mind. I guess I have to give him credit I mean he did change the schedule, that was already made for next week AND the week after to work around my hectic school schedule.

FIBA NEWS: Semi-Finals
Argentina will face Spain, and the US will play Greece. Again my picks are bolded. In my opinion it looks like my 2 picks will be facing each other in the FINALS, what ever will I do?! I guess I could always go for "The United States of Argentina" (thanks to Codeh for that suggestion) lol. I mean yes I want to root for the US because it's my national team, and don't get me wrong I'm very proud of the US National team, but my one of my favorite players, Bowen, was cut from the team. On the other hand, my all time favorite basketball player Manu Ginobili (as if I had to tell you all! lol) is on the Argentine National team. Hmmm....decisions, decisions!

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