Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tuesday's Ramblings!

Tuesday's Show:Hezbollah's leader: What is his true agenda? Anderson breaks down the messages of hate, live from the war zone. Tune in Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET.

Hey everyone, I got the heads up from Rachel over at ACooperVision about a new, blog site. It's called The Anderson Cooper Trading Post where fellow Anderfans like yourself can offer things to trade with one another, so check it out!

So it's Tuesday, and I wonder what House has in store for me tonight! Well looks like it'll be the episode "Sleeping Dogs Lie" I missed this one the first go around, so yay I'm all excited now!!!!

I went to Walmart last night, and I told myself that I wasn't going to buy anything, and what do I walk out with? A DVD and another Johnny Depp poster lol. The DVD was A Walk to Remember, I love that movie!! I watched it last night with my sister, and well it still gets to me lol.

So with that inspiration these were created:
1. 2.

Now, Saving the best for last, Mr. Johnny Depp icons!!!

1. 2.

3. 4.

5. 6.
Well hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Tuesday!!

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i_heart_anderson_cooper said...

Thanks for the link! I love A Walk to Remember. I cry every time....
Johnny Depp, yummy... :)