Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ander-vacation Day 4

Well Anderfolks, it's day four of Anderless week, and boy surprisingly I'm holding up quite well. Keeping yourself busy with other projects non Ander-related really keeps you on your toes! Maybe the reason I've been watching so many movies as of late is because Anderson is on vacation...seems to fit. I wonder if he has watched any good movies while being away *ponders*

Anywho, here's your daily dose of Anderson, if anyone feels the need to up the dosage let me know ;)

All pictures courtesy Xtina


Van said...

Rita, Rita, Rita,

Feel free to "up the dose"!

Rita said...

Van: you're welcome!

AndysGirl said...

Hey Rita - yes, please please, please up the dose. I'm dying here! I'm ready for intensive care!

Thanks for the great pics!!

Grace said...

Rita the pictures are grreat. I'm just glad I have all my Anderson videos to watch courtesy of you, of course, then I don't miss him that much.
If he isn't back, in studio, Monday I'm heading for NOLA end of next week to get an in the flesh dose of AC.

sydney said...

Is there any way to hook this up to an I.V.? ;-)