Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Random thoughts....

Wow, what a surprise!! I found out today that I have class TOMORROW! Yeah, it was soo much fun trying to find someone to take my shift at work..sheesh!! Oh well, I got someone to do it so its all good. Tomorrow shouldn't be all that bad...I only have Ecology at 10 then band at 145....but then I get to go into work until 11 then have class at 850 on Thursday.....

HAHA like if I was going to go to sleep early anyways! HA! Thats a good one Rita *pats myself on the back* I'm definately going to watch the Argentina game tomorrow night, its one of the few...well if I remember correctly the only Argentina game at the moment to be on TV where I'm at! I have to support my Manu!! Like I said it wont be too bad, I'll jet get all my stuff ready and do my hair while I'm watching the game and I'll be able to wake up easily!

Wow, I can honestly say that this summer has just flown by! It seem like only yesterday I was taking finals...those were the days.... wait WHAT?! NO no no...not exactly the memory I was going for lol. Seriously though, this summer was a blast, who can complain about spending 2 weeks in RUSSIA, then being lazy and just working part time?!

Anywho, I hope everyone has a very happy "Hump Day" I'll catch all of you later, maybe between class or later after work while I'm rooting on Argentina!!

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