Monday, August 14, 2006

Happy Monday!

Monday's Show:Target USA: Homeland Security and millions spent on faulty airport screening machines. Is your security at risk? Tune in Monday at 10 p.m. ET.

Hey Anderfolk, I'm blogging before I have to zoom to work. First of all, hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Mine was great but at the same time blah. I had to work all weekend but work was fun (well my co-workers were a blast this weekend lol) but last night was just hectic and frustrating! Why is it so hard to put things back where people get things from? Why do parents let their children destroy the store, and last but certainly not my last complaint, why does everyone decided to go in when we are about to close?! Anywho, morning shifts are usually boring so it should be a piece of cake compared to last night.

Anywho, random countdowns: 8 more days until Season 2 of House is released

I already have disc 4 and 6 rented, one reason to love my job!! Hopefully we'll get disc 5 in today, those are the only episodes I haven't seen this season!

Well hope everyone enjoys their Monday!


Rachel said...

USA today is saying Anderson is off all week on vaca. Yea for Anderson (he needs it) bluh for us.
Sorry I have not posted comments here in awhile. I did not realize running your own blog was so time consuming. Boy I should did learn my lesson. LOL!!
Again Rita, thanks for your help.

Rita said...

Rachel: you're very welcome :)

i_heart_anderson_cooper said...

Amen on the House release!