Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tuesday Ramblings both on topic and off :)

Tuesday's Show: Live from the Mideast. Are millions of dollars being wasted to help rebuild Iraq, and is there a cover-up? Tune in at 10 p.m. ET. Tune in Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET.

Well Anderfolk, with all the serious-ness of the show lately, with no signs of Andersnark whatsoever, I decided to post a picture from my archive. Anyone remember the segment about chocolate that Erica Hill did, and AC replys with "mmmm chocolate"? Well whether or not you do or don't, that was my inspiration for the picture.

Well my other love will dominate my television screen before 360 tonight-a full two hours!! Can you guess who I'm talking about?! If you guess the oh so snarky Doctor House, then you are correct!! I love House! Hugh Laurie is an amazing actor, and I will admit I love when he has the scruffy look going. Those blue eyes are captivating, and that accent! Whoowee!

Only 18 more days until the FIBA World Championship aka the most important Basketball Tournament on the globe!!

The following 24 teams will compete in the event:

New Zealand
Puerto Rico
Serbia & Montenegro

I gotta admit I'm rootin for Argentina, but I have to root for my USA boys too. If it comes down to them matching up against each other, I'm going to be torn!

A few of my Spurs will be playing in this tournament. Ginobili and Oberto play for Argentina. Parker plays for France, Udrih plays for Slovenia, and Bowen plays for the USA!

Anywho, enough with that. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Tuesday!


Rachel said...

Oh my Anderson and Hugh all at the same time. *thud*
opps, sorry fell off my chair. I'm ok now. OH I do love my 360 and my Dr. House.
And yes, I remember that show when he said that. My husband was actual watching that night and said "Hey Anderson's a Simpson's Fan" and granted he wont admit it, Anderson moved up a notch or two for him.

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE House. I can't wait for new episodes. Good thing they aren't on at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I discovered my wonderful Anderson durring my obssesive Katrina viewing. Now i never miss 360. What talent!

Rita said...

Anon 6:07: I know!! I don't know how I could choose! I just hate that I have a night class on Tuesday I need to hurry up and get a dvd recorder, my poor vcr is in it's final days :(

Rita said...

What?! Only ONE episode of House tonight! :( Guess they want to spread all the episodes out to last until the new season.... Man oh well, can't wait until SSN 2 box set is released!!!

sfacfan said...

The timing sucks out west...House is on at the same time as the 2nd hour of 360 for me :-( Hugh usually loses that battle, unless my bf is home and changes the channel!!!

Van said...

Anderson and Chocolate! MMMMMMM....I really could use the
fun today, so thanks for that pic!

ME Ellee said...

Go Argentina! Yeah!

Anderchocolate---my favorite.
Thanks rita.