Friday, August 18, 2006

Ander-vacation Day 5

Hey Hey Hey! IT'S FRIDAY!!!! Woot woot! Well hope everyone is still hanging in there!!
So Anderfolk, have no fear "Dr. Rita" is here!!
Diagnosis: Extreme Anderwithdrawal.
Treatment: Double the dose of Andermeds :) Take slowly one by one :)
Side Effects: may result in an over production of your salivary glands resulting in drooling, which in turn may cause keyboard damage. Btw, I'm not liable if this happens ;)


Grace said...

OK the dimples have me wanting him back NOW.

Van said...

You have outdone yourself again!
THANK YOU! I can face anything today knowing that I can view those
AC photos!

Rita said...

hehe, thanks :) anything to get us through the day!