Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Movie Review: "Tape"

Well I just finished watching "Tape" It was a really...different movie. So which actor was in it to make me rent it? If you guessed RSL you are correct! Ethan Hawke and Uma Thruman also star along side RSL. It was a pretty good movie actually.

After 10 years apart, three old friends come together to play out the unresolved drama of their final days in high school. As years of denial slowly peel away, each is provoked into revealing their true nature.

After reading the back of the dvd, and after finishing the film, it was nothing like I expected! It's an amazing movie with a great 3 member cast! Definately a film to add to my collection!

Now I'm off to watch "The Dead Poet's Society" I guess its just an RSL night!!!

Photograph from "Tape"

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