Saturday, August 26, 2006

Blahness post

AGH! I hate my job sometimes!! For one I don't like the added pressure I'm getting for a certain promotion, I have enough pressure as it is with school, and I'm only part time management, if this keeps up no doubt will I be out looking for another job. Corrective action threats, I don't think so! Secondly, some customers just get on my nerves! Don't get mad at me for your own stupidity! We explain our policy, and just because your kids mess it up, and you end up owning something, don't take it out on me I'm just doing my job! AGH!

Ok, so enough rambling on, if you couldn't tell people just got on my nerves today at work. This one guy didn't like our policy and was just rude about it!

IN HAPPIER NEWS, Argentina will face Turkey in the quarter finals, and Spain will face Lithuania. Germany has also advanced to the quarterfinals as well, I do not know the outcomes of the USA vs Australia, France vs Angola, or Greece vs China games at the moment.

I've decided to buy the AWAY Argentina jersey, as well as THESE basketball shoes!

Oh yes, and the times I've needed FH the most, the forum is on vacation?! Did I miss the memo somewhere?! Someone fill me in please :)

Since I've been a bad anderfan blogger, hopefully these pics will make up for the lack of Anderstuff on the blog lately!


xtina said...

Rita -that second picture is a cool angle Nice!
I know what U mean about customers getting on nerves. At 6am, business people lurv to bring their Starbucks or other coffee on board. They don't like have to gulp it down beforehand, so it's us who take the brunt of crabby people. (but occasionaly a nice person will say," hey it's not yr fault..")

Van said...

Wow, those photos have completely made my day, Rita. THANKS!