Sunday, August 20, 2006

OT-Fiba News

Hey all you bball friends out there! If you aren't aware the 2006 Fiba World Championship is underway! I'm gonna say now, you'll see more about the US and Argentina than any other teams just they are my favorites of the tourey. For all team results and news visit Fiba's Home Page

For indepth stats visit Fiba's Group Standings Page

The US national team has defeated Puerto Rico 111-100 and China 121-90. They will face Slovenia on the 22nd, Italy on the 23rd, and Senegal on the 24th. The USA are tied with Italy for the best record in their group (D) 2-0. The US is currently ranked #1 by Fiba ranking.

The Argentina national team has defeated France 80-70 and Lebanon 107-72. They Play Venezuela on the 21st, Nigeria the 23rd, and Serbia and Montenegro on the 24th. Argentina so far has the best record of 2-0 in their group (A). Argentina is currently ranked #3 by Fiba ranking.

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