Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ander-vacation Day 3

Wednesday's Show: An "AC 360°" mystery. A Marine rescues officers trapped on 9/11, then vanishes. Tonight, how he was found with Hollywood's help. Tune in at 10 p.m. ET.

Hey all of you Anderholics out there! How is everyone holding up? Any Ander-withdrawal symptoms starting to surface? Well I hope everyone is handling this in a good way. Enjoy the eye candy to help get you through the day :)


Van said...

you CARE about us! THANK YOU!
Those pictures are all awesome and will help us all get thru this week! I was not having a good day,
but you have changed that! THANKS!

courtney said...


The fourth picture there, the one from the Oprah show where he's smiling big--I love that picture.

Thank you!

i_heart_anderson_cooper said...

Thanks for the pics- especially the butt shot & Ander-giggle from Oprah!

kitty_atomic said...

nice selection today!

Rita said...

To Everyone: You all are so welcome! Anything to help get us Anderfans through the week :)