Wednesday, August 23, 2006

FIBA Update

Argentina defeated Nigeria 98-64! Whohoo! I can come home from work get all ready and enjoy a good Argentina victory!!! The USA also defeated Italy 94-85!!! My teams are on a roll!!!

Well, I'm off to start getting ready for work, I actually have to go in an hour early tonight. Anyone else looking forward to the CNN Special? I'm recording it, my dad actually asked me to, I had forgotten that it was tonight. Well hope everyone enjoys their evening!


xtina said...

How'r the Spurs lookin' this year? Watch out - hee hee - the Bulls have got Ben Wallace ! We're comin' to get cha !!

Rita said...

Xtina: Spurs are lookin pretty good. We didn't lose too many during trades, and we got some pretty good guys (from what i can tell so far, don't know much about them though)

Bowen was supposed to play for the US, but he got cut, the guy they kept in his place is alright did better when they were really watching, but I think in the long run the US should've kept Bowen for his D skills.