Thursday, August 24, 2006

Midday Ramblings

Thursday's Show: The clock ticks for two journalists kidnapped in Gaza. "360°" gets insight from journalist and former hostage Jill Carroll. Tune in at 10 p.m. ET.

Hey everyone! Just stopping by between classes to say HI and I hope everyone is having a great Thursday!! My dad has been pretty interesting to say the least. I show up to Vertebrate Biology at 850, to find out that my prof is having heart surgery later on in the semester so he gave us 3 choices. A)Drop the class this semester and substitute Vertebrate natural history and taxonomy to satisfy our graduation requirements. B) Attend 12 class periods, then get an Incomplete and pick it up in the spring, or C) Attend 12 class periods, get an Incomplete and resume during the May semester.

So as a class we felt that A would be the best option. So I went and dropped a 4 hr credit class leaving me at 15 hours. Then I began to think, what if biochemistry just kicks my butt and I have to drop to save my GPA!? That would only leave me with 11 hours, 1 hr away from scholarship requirements. So I took on Concepts of Fitness a 1 hr credit class just in case. There are no timing issues with the new class it meets at the same time that my vertebrate class did, but it starts at 1015 instead of 8:50!! I got a full refund for my vertebrate book, bought the COF book (had to buy it new) and left with $37 in my pocket!! Whooohooo!!!

In other news, my Argentines defeated Serbia and Montenegro 83-79. Whoo that was a close one for Manu and the rest of the squad! They have extended their record to 5-0! The US team also extended their record to 5-0 with a win over Senegal!

So I missed the CNN special last night as well as 360, and I was too tired to watch the repeat. I did record the special, maybe I'll watch it tonight. Did anything interesting happen on 360? Any good stories, any snark, ander-giggles? Fill me in!

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Kim said...


Nothing good on 360 last night. It was a pre-taped show, from Monday (I believe) because that's the suit he was wearing.