Sunday, August 20, 2006


hey everyone, well I just gave Domino (my dog) a bath, and found out my flea/tick collar obviously isn't working. It was horrible, I felt so bad, that I was crying while giving him a bath. I felt as if I had let him down as an owner. In no way should he have been that bad. So to anyone that has a dog, what medication do you all use? Any recommendations as to which brand works best? I can't remember which brand collar I was using but I think my parents got it from Wal-Mart. We hadn't had problems like this in the past with it, but maybe they've become immune to it.

On a much lighter note, only TWO MORE DAYS UNTIL YOU CAN BUY HOUSE SEASON 2 ON DVD!!! YAY!

On a much darker note, only 4 more days until I have to go back to school....blah! 19 hours, and a night class on Tuesday of all nights! Oh well thank goodness for DVRS!

Anywho, hope everyone is having a great Sunday! Take care :)


sydney said...

As a former vet tech, I can tell you with some authority that flea collars do NOT work. You want to go with Frontline or Advantage - more expensive, but very effective (if you can't get to the vet's office, I believe you can pick up Frontline at Petco or similar places).

Whatever you do, don't get the Hartz (carried at Walmart and other places), which is both toxic and ineffective (I have seen animals have adverse, almost fatal reactions to this stuff).

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

I can't remember which I use Frontline or Advantage, but I definately use one of those. No collars. We live at the beach, with a hugh park where all the dogs play, and we haven't had ANY problems since we started using the stuff. Watch your dog though, I had a friend whose dog had an allergic reaction. We have had no problem, but don't buy online product may be counterfeit.

Rita said...

Thank you all for responding! I'll def look into it!

Akasha said...

My vet gave my cat a pill that kills all the little buggers. It worked great!
Cheap version? A bath with Joy dishwashing liquid. I kid you not, it works.