Monday, April 17, 2006

Picture of the Week 04/16/06....Anderson has posted a new blog!!....I've been "cut loose"

I'm a day late on this but here it is!!

AC for President!!!
Hey everyone!

Anderson just posted a new entry on the 360 blog!!!! It's a great entry too!

Anywho, I just got back into town, from a follow-up appointment with my orthopedic surgeon, and whooohoo I've been cut loose! Anywho, so how was everyone's Anderless weekend? All I did was work, fun fun fun. Well hope to be able to catch the show tonight! Take Care!!

Monday's Show:
The mutiny over Donald Rumsfeld: Inside the ex-brass' revolt over the handling of the Iraq war. Tune in at 10 p.m. ET.

Spurs Recap:

The Spurs beat the Timberwolves 103-90!! Whoohoo! They also play their last home game of the regular season tonight against the Utah Jazz.


Anne said...

Regarding Anderson's post, A 2-hour special addtion of 360 on Tuesday night? What is going on? Are they changing 360 around and doing a 180? I am not sure I like these changes to the show. All thought I do love the new segment called "The Shot" It was nice to see this again, reminds me of The Nth Decree.

Rita said...

Yeah, I like the new segment too. I think it would have been better for a 1-hour special, but I'm really interested in the topic, but I'll have to record it because I have to work.

Greacie said...

FYI - Junger's book is being published tomorrow so that is probably why he is on 360. Matbe 2 hours is too much, but it might turn out OK, they might be trying out new formats or giving us a rest from the Rumsfeld Saga. However, no one knows what goes on the the minds of those at 360.
Rita did you post a response to Anderson's blog entry there is one from Rita, Plainview TX.

Rita said...

Yep, thats me!

Master Evil said...

Rita! Thanks for commenting on my Andy Redneck Picture. In the future, I shall make more Andy Dedications more often! Happy Trailings, from Master Evil. And VISIT MY BLOG!

Briana said...

andersons lookin right in this picture where did u get it?? can u make any bigger? LOL

AndysGirl said...

I'm with Briana on this one, that picture is adorable. I want one!!! Where did you get it and can we get it bigger?

Rita said...

I got it from Anderloads, and I made it as big as I could without losing the quality Enjoy!!