Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What would Anderson think???

Have you every wondered what Anderson would think if he actually knew how many of his adoring fans talked about him??? It's one thing to admire the guy for his journalistic accomplishments, and it's another thing to talk about what a major cutie he is. I guess everyone has their own fan base, and I dont think it's unhealthy to admire someone like Anderson.

But what gets to me is all the "stalkerish" type comments, etc. Privacy is a great thing at times, but I guess when you're out there in the media world you kinda give up that privalege at times. I'm not saying that Anderson has given that up, but it does make you think about what goes on in his head when you hear "Anderson was spotted at....." and all the speculation about certain aspects of his life are brought up.

I dont know if this entry has any relevance or even makes all that much sense, seeing as how I just got out of an A&P test that was just "wooosh" over my head lol. I think I may have passed, but I can guarantee that this is my drop grade.

Anywho, seeing as how my Spurs play tonight, I'll more than likely catch the repeat of 360, just to get my Anderfix for the day....haha just kidding, to actually know whats going on in the news today!!! Ok, you probably just said, yeah right.....but I'm serious!


AndysGirl said...

Hey Rita,

I agree with you all the way. Everytime I read one of those Gawker sighting things I cringe. It reminds me of Princess Diana and how they stalked her. It occurred to me that if any ordinary person followed someone around the way some of the press and papparazzi do, they would be labeled a stawker and arrested. Lady Di was so freaked by them that one day she was at lunch at an outdoor cafe & when she heard a helicopter she actually crawled under the table! Now to be so scared at something as to crawl under a table in public - well, you know that's really being afraid. No one should have to feel that way, celebrity, personality, sexy hunk, princess or not. It's just not right.

Sorry for the ranting but I've been carrying this around for a couple of weeks now. As to what Anderson thinks, I just hope he realizes that this is not something most of his admirers agrees with nor do we want him followed around constantly by Gawker or anyone else. Isn't that what the tabloids always use for an excuse, it's what the fans want, they buy this stuff? Most people probably don't realize how those pictures are obtained and would strongly disapprove if they knew.

Again, forgive the ranting and good luck to your Spurs tonight. Enjoy the game!

Gracie said...

Andygirl - I agree with you and Rita. I don't call myself a fan of Anderson's because it has too many bad things attached to it. I think a more appropriate word for all of us would be admirers. As an admirer I do love Anderson's physical appearance(who wouldn't), but I also like his wit, intellect, reporting style and writing ability. At 12 years old I had a crush on Davy Jones of the Monkees,and wentbonkers when ever he was mentioned. Today hearing or seeing AC still gives me butterflies in my stomach, but there is more to this guy than looks, thank goodness.

Sheryn said...

Gracie, I don't agree. I call myself an Anderfan with pride. Its all inside, you know. If you're comfortable knowing that you respect the man for his talents and admire him for his heart and good looks then who cares what other people think. I'm a mature woman who admires and is a fan of a an intelligent news anchor. That puts me in great company because he has the best fans in the world!!!

Gracie said...

I didn't mean anything against other Anderfans - it's just that my family doesn't understand my"feelings" for him. They'd think I'm nuts if I called myself a fan because I am a mature female. Don't get me wrong I am a fan to the nth degree or else why would I bid on Ebay for a collector's poster of our guy.

I am so glad to have found all you guys who understand this Anderfan thing and am able to talk about it.

As for Anderson himself I am one of his biggest supporters. I only wish he would come to Detroit on an non-Oprah mission and see what I see in the city.

Rita said...

I agree, I dont mind calling myself an "Anderfan" although most people do not understand it. I think there is a "safe zone" in Anderfanning (haha if that makes anysense whatsoever!) It's one thing to admire the guy and consider yourself a fan but it's another thing to go out there and try to dig up the scoop on his personal life. Yes, we get the scoop on his outings but all in good nature :)

Gracie said...

Yeah, when we get the goods, so to speak, on Anderson we don't want to hurt him and we do respect his privacy unlike some tabloid, and so called comics out there.

Ilove the fact that since hooking up with Anderson Cooper 360 and you guys I've become very opinionated in a good way and for once people listen to what I have to say. AND my book choices has become very different - don't know if that's good or not.

Oh yeah I've met a lot of nice people through Anderfans, but wish I could meet the ultimate in the unattainable; if you know what I mesn.

Sheryn said...

Oh Gracie, I never doubted your Anderfan status! You are awesome! And I know what you mean, my family just doesn't get it! Imagine if they ever read my blog!

mr. cooper said...

if anderson read these comments hed prolly shit his pants