Tuesday, April 11, 2006

End of the Anderdrought, and an OT post as well :D

Ok, last night's show was pretty good! I loved when Anderson brought up the fact that he was a "Jeopardy" Champion, and said something like "bring it on" that was just great!! It was a great a way to end our Anderdrought!!!

Question, did Anderson look a little tanned to anyone else? Or was it just me, and my tv! I believe I did hear he was out of the country, any guesses as to where specifically? Oh, did I mention how good AC was looking last night?! Whoooweee, sure was a sight for sore eyes, and I did find myself distracted during a couple of the segments....

I'm going to apologize in advance for this, but as the NBA playoffs draw near, you will find me blogging more and more about the San Antonio Spurs (don't worry, I will keep my main focus on Anderson) Tonight the Spurs welcome the Sonics to the AT&T Center. Although the Sonics' record isn't very impressive (33-43) they are coming off of a 4-game winning streak. They have won 7 out of the last 10 games including a 106-102 victory over the Spurs back in March.

Seeing as how the Spurs are only a 1/2 game ahead of the Mavs for the best record in the Western Conference, this game is a huge game for the Spurs. I like good competition, but sheesh, I'm getting gray hair (so to speak) during the regular season, can you imagine play off time? I may just end up catching up to AC (although he can pull off that look far better than anyone I know!!!) lol

On a personal note, I just love the smell of new shoes.....lol...very weird I know, but I just got my new basketball shoes in and can't wait to break them in!!! Hmm I wonder if it's too early to start my birthday countdown *ponders*...naw! 13 days until I turn 20! woohooo!!!

Thanks to stillife out at Anderloads for the screen cap


Gracie said...

Rita he looked soooooo good last night and did look like he got some sun. And my guess is that he went to Rwanda for the 12 anniversary of the genocide.

Now I have a question did his suit coat look a little off kilter I mean it did seem to fit him right or am I just seeing things?

Anyway it was great to chat with you last night - see ya again tonight if I get back in time.

Briana said...

HES BACK!!! haha now my 7 day drinking spree has come to an end..well atleast until friday ;)

and Rita, he did look very tan, but sadly it didnt look real it almost looked kinda orange? maybe it was my tv but i dont care that man would look good if he was purple or blue haha HOLLA

ps i hate the nba but im hoping ur spurs win their a good team and tim duncon is a classy guy which is hard to find in sports today, and hes married to a white girl! LOL LOL

Rita said...

Gracie: It was great chattin with you as well, same here if I get back in time I'll definately be at the FunHouse!

Bri: Haha, I'm glad you gave your liver a rest!!! haha I think you just gave me a new idea for a banner...blue Anderson? Purple Anderson?! Yeah..I'm gonna be doing some photoshoppin'! lol

Yes, Tim Duncan is a very classy guy, another reason to admire him, and yes he is married to a white girl. (you had me laughin so hard with that one!!)

Kim said...

I thought that he looked a little tan, but then I was just so glad to see him, I thought I was imagining things.

Kelsey said...

Haha, I loved that little quiz segment and Jeopardy mention! But then I thought, of course he's going to think these questions are easy, he has a Poli-Sci degree!

And I was getting pissed at that "no terrorists came from Mexico" lady...how annoying!

Briana said...

yeah the lady that was on tonight was ridiculous DONT MESS WITH ANDERSON COOPER cuz hell smack a ho haha