Monday, April 24, 2006

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!!! I hope everyone is having a terrific Monday, I know I am (shocking, I know) Well today I am officially not a "teenager" anymore!! whoohooo!!! Big number 20!!!

Famous April 24th birthdays include: (besides myself of course)
Kelly Clarkson
Cedric the Entertainer

I heard that our Anderson was spotted at a Scissor Sister's concert (ok ok I didn't hear it, I read it on Gawker) LOL

Well hope everyone has a great day!!!

PS Which one of you is packing up Anderson and sending him to my house?! Now wouldn't that be a great gift?! lol


Briana said...


may your wildest dreams come true :)
(pedro's voice)

AndysGirl said...


Hope it's your best so far and each one gets better. Sorry about your present, I couldn't bear to stuff him in box, didn't think he could breathe. You would't want a "blue" Anderson would you? hehehe

Again, have a great birthday!

Rita said...

Andysgirl: Dang so that means I dont get to try out my new CPR skills...sheesh! lol