Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My Photography Works so Far

Hey everyone!! I really dont have anything Ander-related to post, BUT I thought you all might enjoy these.

"Amarillo Sunset"

"God's Serenity"


"Freedom, Hope, and Liberty"

"Caged Liberty"

"Paradise City"

"American Pride"

A few of these have been published at as well as in their books. Hope you enjoy them! I hope to continue my photography in the future.


Briana said...

aw now wheres the picture of your beautiful face??

Rita said...

Bri: haha I'm a dont like taking pictures I rather be the photographer hehe

Gracie said...

Rita I love the pix. Do you look for something to take or do the subjects just show up?

Rita said...

Gracie: Most of the time, they just show up, or I'll just be sitting at home and have this image in my head and i'll try to find it. so I guess a little of both lol

Peter said...

I love "Patches."