Friday, April 28, 2006

For Once I turned into Fox News....

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Ok, I usually dont tune in to Fox News, but this was brought to my attention. I have so much pain in my heart because this woman has the wrong impression and interepretation of God. These people that were protesting just get on my nerves!!! One sign that caught my attention said something along the lines of "don't worship the dead" When Jesus was cruxified, and buried in the tomb, the family came to visit the tomb, so does that mean (according to this woman) that the family of Jesus Christ were sinning?!

Another sign said "God hates fags" Ok, first of all God doesn't agree with the homosexual lifestyle, but he doesn't "hate" the people that engage in it. We are all God's children with free choice, God isn't going to make us follow in His ways, but He loves us none the less.

"God is your enemy" God is a loving god! How can she come across to portray The Almighty one in this way?!

It was said in the interview that the members of the church are mostly related. This family really need to open their eyes, and allow the TRUTH to be spoken into their lives, instead of misleading so many people.

All I can do is pray for the lost out there, such as this woman. It's so sad that they are so misleading, and mis-interpreting the scriptures.

BTW: Sorry if this offends any of you out there that aren't into topics such as these.

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Barbara said...

I am curious why that fringe group got any airplay?