Sunday, April 02, 2006

My Semi-Anderless Saturday....

Well I woke up this morning, and went to the jv basketball tryouts at my university. I was shocked that we had a good turnout this year, last year there were only four of us newbies trying out lol. Anywho, this was the first hardcore workout since my injury back in Decemeber, and wow, I'm so sore. I actually feel like I've been in a wreck! Well after coming home with ice strapped to my knee, I actually crashed (after freshening up of course!) and slept very peacefully. After waking up, I saw a commercial for Billy Blank's Boot Camp...omg it looks sooo much fun, and actually looks like produces great results! Then I decided to go out to the grocery store before heading to work. Up until then, my mind hadn't even thought of Anderson that was until I spotted him, a young gray-haired skinny white boy at the grocery store. I was like wow...a semi-real life Anderson in Plainview! I have to admite he was pretty cute too, don't know if it was just because my mind was thinking Anderson...or what lol. Well there you have it folks, my semi-Anderless Saturday!

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