Saturday, April 22, 2006


The time has come for the NBA playoffs to begin!! My Spurs will take on the kings in the first round, and I'm predicting the Spurs will win it 5 games. (best out of 7 games for those of you that dont know) If you love basketball and want to watch a good game, it'll be on ESPN @ 4:00 pm Central time. GO SPURS GO!!!

I'll be watching the game late, since I'm going to another basketball game out of town to watch my sister play. You better believe I'm representing though, all up in my Spurs gear!


Sheryn said...

Good Luck, Baby!

Gracie said...

Rita wouldn't it be great if the Spurs met the Pistons in the Play off? As for me it's Hockey play off season Red Wings up on Edmonton by 1 game.

Rita said...

I think we'll have a repeat of last years championship match-up Spurs vs Detroit.