Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Anderson Lays the Smackdown on 360

Whoooooweeeeee Anderson sure did put that woman in her place!!! (In regards of playing by his rules) Go Anderson, Go Anderson!!!! I'm not going to lie, stern Anderson, was HOTT!!!!! (when isn't he though?!) Mmmmm Anderson in that blue shirt!!! Love it!!! He really knows how to put on a show after being gone for so long!!!

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Credit: Legionpossessed

Spurs Recap: Well my Spurs won 104-95 over the Sonics tonight putting them a game ahead of the Mavs. Unfortunately, Manu is out with a thigh contusion, but will hopefully return soon, it isn't too serious from what I hear. GO SPURS GO!


Kelsey said...

I have to agree. Anderson was EXTREMELY hot in that segment. I remember at one point she kept interrupting him and I could hear him slam his pen down on the desk in anger. It kind of scared me but also really turned me on, lol.

Anonymous said...

why would you want to shut up a woman who speaks the truth? she was overbearing but awesome! i like this woman and anderson but what she said was really rare and important. i liked anderson acting up but it would have been hotter if he was shutting up a wingnut.

Rita said...

I will agree here points were very valid, but for her to say she didn't want something to turn into a shout match, she sure didn initiate it.

Rachel said...

I don't know how he did it but he just made me love him even more. That lady was so rude and be-yachy. I too am from NW and if I see her around town she is soooo getting an ear full from me!!!! NO ONE will treat my Anderson that way. He totally told her off!!!