Thursday, April 27, 2006

New Site: Caring 4 Katrina

Hey everyone!!! I'm so excited to announce that a new site has been added to the web!! It's called Caring 4 Katrina, and it offers many resources that can aid you in making a difference!!! Even if you aren't physically able to go to the NOLA area to help with the relief efforts, please help all of us that have put time and effort into getting this website up by placing this banner on your own webpages. There are many ways that you can help us out. If you have a blog, dedicate an entry to Caring 4 Katrina; you can place this banner on your myspace, xanga, or any other web-communities out there too! Feel free to use this post if you'd like, or write in your own words!

I've provide a easy way to get the banner onto your pages, just copy and paste the following code anywhere in your groups,profiles, blogs, and personal webpages! We appreciate you helping us promote the site!!!

Banner made by me

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