Monday, April 10, 2006

Will Anderson Be Back Tonight?!

Hey Anderfans, we can only hope that Anderson will be back tonight. After a long Anderless week, and our somewhat-getting-used-to Anderless weekend, can we go any longer with out him?! (Ok, I'm pretty sure we aren't Ander-dependent or anything, but sheesh I think it's time that he grace our television screens once again)

In other news however, Headline News is changing their lineup. According to TVNewser, Erica will be doing a solo act on Prime News at 6 PM. With this time change, does that mean that Erica wont stick around for the business/other news during AC360?! 360 will still be up against the Nancy Grace rerun at 10PM, but now be going up against Shobiz Tonight at 11 PM.

Also, I think I may have found someone with the newest SNL spoof on Anderson, and hopefully I'll have it available to upload soon!!!


Libus said...

NO!!! Erica has to be on with Anderson!!

I will cry if they can't be snarky together and show animal videos.

Anne said...

That is a bummer about Erika. I just love the banter between them and LOVE LOVE LOVE the animal videos.