Friday, April 28, 2006

My Latest Photographs

Beach Community:

Beach View:

Stormy Night:

Texas Sunset:


xtina said...

You're esp. good at photographing sunsets !

AndysGirl said...

Hey Rita

Hope you caught 360 tonight, he was so handsome and such a sweetie.

I wanted to compliment you on the new photos. xtina is right, you are especially good at photographing sunsets. You should sell them as desktops wallpapers.

Have a good weekend!

Rita said...

Thank you both for the comments on the pictures. I'd really like to start selling some of my pics, just haven't really had the time to look into it.

Andysgirl, he does look very handsome i'm having to catch the replay!

Briana said...

you take some awesome pics, texas seems like a really beautiful place!!