Monday, May 01, 2006

OT-Rude Awakening

Ok, so my Spurs were leading the series 2-1, no biggie. Game 3 was a nailbiter, losing by one point. Tonight's game, was just a slow and painful death kinda game. I love my Spurs and I'm loyal until the end, but that was not the team I love. We had plenty of great looking shots, but they just wouldn't go in. We'd play good defense, and have a foul called. We'd get hammered on offense, and it was "good defense" by the kings.

Oh well, game 5 is back in San Antone, and I'm pretty sure the Spurs are going to be back mentally, and bring the physical game with them.

Rita's key factor points:
The Spurs have to find away to get Ginobili into the offense, he was practically invisible in tonights game with only 3 points (I still love ya Manu!!)

The Spurs also need to figure out a way to push the tempo. The kings can't handle the Spurs when they run the floor and get into the lane.

We definatly need to stop giving the kings second chance points by grabbing the rebounds (it would help if they would call an over the back every-now-and-then on our behalf)

Anywho, game 5 is this Tuesday, and dang it, I wont be able to watch. Not that I'm busy or anything, but it wont be televised where I'm at (dang I really need to sign up for NBATV) Well that's enough for now, I really need to finish studying for my organic chem final tomorrow morning.....LOYAL 'TILL THE END! GO SPURS GO!!!

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